Innovators are discerning risk takers

Evidence from the research shows that no matter how much preparation teachers have had for integrating technology into the curriculum unless they have the support of the school leadership or administrator their efforts often fail.

Leading in a culture of change means creating a culture (not just a structure) of change. It does not mean adopting innovations, one after another; it does mean producing the capacity to seek, critically assess and selectively incorporate new ideas and practices – all the time, inside the organization as well as outside it.

Michael Fullan (2001), Leading in a culture of change, p.44

Given the current climate  of accountability and the continuing pressure to improve learning outcomes for all students it is especially important to have  a vision and a plan to utilise digital technology for teaching and learning. We owe it to  our students and teachers because as citizens of the 21st century they are living in a world that is saturated with technology. School is an alien environment . . . it is necessary to engage with them in their own world.

To be a successful leader in the 21st Century, school leaders need to be

  • open to change, know
  • how to manage change and
  • be risk takers

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